It’s crazy how someone can just come into your life and change everything. A moment and your path is altered. Setting off on a new course, a new direction.

It’s amazing how one individual, one human like myself, can have that influence.

For me everything changed just over a year ago. I sit here writing this in a world that would of been unrecognisable to me 12 months ago. I am a different person, and my life looks different. So much has changed.

It’s changed for the better and that’s what is exciting. I guess when things happen and you’re living them, you don’t appreciate the impact they have. I certainly didn’t.

A little over a year ago my partner came into my life and turned it upside down for all the right reasons.

I wish I could harness the feelings I had when we first started talking, when we first met, when we first kissed. I wish I could bottle them up and look at them. If I could, I imagine them to be gold, glowing in a glass bottle and twinkling in the sunlight. I imagine them being warm to touch and all consuming. Those feelings still live inside of me just in a different way now. They glow and twinkle but have less of a burning quality and more of a comforting warmth.

Those feelings blossomed into love. Into complete and utter love. They glow brighter when he’s in the room with me, or when I hear his voice. They get warm with the touch of his body when he pulls me in for a hug after a long day. They glow bright when he smiles or laughs. Those feelings, although I can’t harness them into a bottle, are always there. Growing and changing and glowing.

It’s crazy how someone can just come into your life and change everything. They can make you make new decisions, better decisions. That person makes you think more, challenge more, be more. They make you stronger and better.

I was not weak or indecisive. Nor was I lost or confused. I was on a path and then a new one appeared, one with a more exciting view. I now come home to my partners arms and kisses on my forehead. I come home to a new love now. 

But not all has changed in this year of changes, I’m still the same me under it all. The same person that I loved before. I’ve just grown and built on who I was, because he made me better. My values are unchanged and my moral an still strong and my love for my family still there. 

What’s changed is the person I call my person.

And what’s changed for him is the same.

It’s crazy how someone can just come into your life and change everything. Especially when you didn’t know you needed everything to change. 

I’ll never know what my life would be like if we hadn’t met in that moment. If we both hadn’t ‘liked’ each other in that moment on the exact same app. If I hadn’t dived into his DMs talking about the perfect cup of tea.

I will never know if we would have met some other way. I just know we would have met. Although he came into my life so quickly, it felt right. It connected.

He’s someone I look at and like the movies my heart skips a beat. I look at him and notice the corners of my mouth begin to turn up. And when he looks at me I can’t help but feel loved because that’s what his eyes say.

His heart is one that never fails to think of others. His head is one that always loves. This man I get to call mine completes me and I get to call him home.

It’s crazy how someone can just come into your life and change everything. I want him to change my life forever.


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