Proper Teacher: Week One

Having now been a teacher for an entire week I wanted to share an honest reflection of the week that I had. I’ve already had such a positive response on my teacher related posts so I want to include them where I can! I think its nice knowing you’re not the only one feeling a certain way about things – plus I’m sure I’ll have many a funny story to tell too! So can you believe it? I’ve done one full week of being a teacher?! I sure can’t!

Monday and Tuesday were inset days, which means staff training! I received such a HUGE amount of important information in a short space of time my brain was all a bit mad Tuesday night. There’s so much training that teachers have and responsibility as well, something you don’t truly appreciate until you have a class of your own. In the one week I’ve had off being a proper teacher I’ve already seen such a wide range of things I’ve got to remember or do – my brain is still getting used to it all!
Tuesday night I was really rather nervous. I’ll be honest and say more nervous than I’ve been for anything in a long time! I had such a terrible night sleep panicking I was going to miss my alarm for the first day the children would be in. I think its probably pretty normal to feel like that as a teacher no matter how many years you’ve been teaching; but I definitely felt mine was perhaps heightened a bit due to the fact I’d never done a “first day of school” before.
After only having the children in for the morning on Wednesday it really felt like we had done a full days work by lunchtime! The children were absolutely amazing, but there was just so many things to do! You forget that the children just don’t automatically know where to place their book bags or where their pegs are – its things they learn over a long period of time. A combination of all 50 of them being there at 8:30am on the dot and none of them knowing where to go meant the first 20 minutes of the day were a little bit more busy than usual! But it was so amazing to see them all there, so smiley and eager to learn.
I’ve had my class for three mornings now and honestly I couldn’t be more proud. Coming to school for the first time is so daunting and such a big thing for the children and parents, I was prepared for a few tears and wobbles but they’ve all been incredible! I don’t know whether its the fact that I’ve been a bit tired this week with a lot going on or what, but I’ve welled up a little bit as I’m writing about how proud I am of them. My little lovelies have been amazing and I can’t wait to see how much they develop and grow over the next year and beyond!
I’ve been told by many people that your first class is one you won’t ever forget so I know for sure just how special they all are already. We’ve all got a lot of learning to do together and it will be a journey of many turns I’m sure.
As I write this, I’m thinking about the year to come and although I know it will be far from easy, I’m excited. I’m going to grow and develop so much as a person over the next month or two – let alone the whole year! It’s a huge responsibility being a teacher and being a child’s first ever teacher is truly a privilege.

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